Defending Against Unjust Accusations Of Abuse

Sympathy for the alleged victims of domestic abuse often leads to snap judgments. An allegation is often enough to convince others of the accused person's guilt before the matter even reaches court, causing irreparable damage to relationships with family and friends.

Whether you are the victim of revenge by a former partner or are facing false allegations intended to influence child custody or parenting time arrangements, Kurzman Grant Law Office in Minneapolis, Minnesota, can help you correct the record and achieve justice.

Challenging Orders For Protection

An Order For Protection (OFP) is intended to protect victims of domestic abuse from a family or household member who has committed acts of physical harm, bodily injury, assault or criminal sexual conduct against them. However, even if a person has not been physically harmed, the fear of imminent bodily harm is sufficient grounds for an OFP. OFPs can be granted on the basis of an allegation alone, so they are sometimes maliciously used to gain an advantage in subsequent custody proceedings.

We will defend you fiercely against unjust Orders for Protection and false accusations of domestic abuse. We will quickly and effectively investigate the claims made against you and collect evidence, testimony and witnesses as necessary in order to refute the basis on which the OFP was requested.

You have been a wonderful attorney for me. You got me through a really hard time. You advised me well. You got me through the worst part of my life.

— S. F., October 2015

Harassment Restraining Orders

For the purpose of a restraining order, harassment is defined as a single incident of sexual or physical assault, or repeated unwanted or intrusive acts or gestures that negatively affect or are intended to negatively affect a person's safety, security or privacy.

A Harassment Restraining Order can be requested from the courts even if the police have not been notified of the alleged harassment. The process often starts with a temporary order, but in Minnesota, a long-term order can be sought and granted without an official court hearing. You have a limited amount of time to request a hearing and respond to the allegations made against you if you are the accused in an HRO case; we can help you to quickly gather evidence and prepare a strong defense.

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