Understanding Alimony And Child Support

At Kurzman Grant Law Office, we are committed to ensuring that every child receives a fair amount of financial support considering all the facts and circumstances. Spousal support, also known as spousal maintenance or alimony, may be necessary for situations involving a lower earning spouse or full-time caregiver. The amount of spousal support must also be appropriate to the circumstances involved.

Our Minneapolis, Minnesota, law firm has decades of experience in dealing with alimony and child support motions and orders and securing the best possible financial futures for our clients. We can help to determine whether spousal maintenance should be paid at all, and if so, what amount is reasonable and manageable.

Amount And Duration Of Alimony

A spouse could receive temporary maintenance, in which the payment is limited to the period during which the divorce is pending or the temporary order remains in place. Short-term or rehabilitative maintenance is another option that involves an amount of support that is offered for a specific duration or purpose, such as job training. Long-term alimony is perhaps the most commonly understood form of maintenance, which consists of a permanent order for regular support payments. Even long-term alimony can be modified based on changed circumstances, unless specific language in the judgment and decree prohibit it.

A spouse may be entitled to no alimony, temporary maintenance, rehabilitative maintenance or permanent spousal maintenance, depending on the circumstances. There is no quick and easy calculation to determine alimony, which is why it is important to rely on the counsel of an experienced attorney who will strive to protect your interests.

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Fair Child Support Awards

As with alimony, child support payments depend on a complex range of factors. Child support is based on the parents' gross incomes, their potential income if they are underemployed, children's health insurance costs, the number of non-joint children, parenting time and child care costs.

We understand that your children are your biggest concern. We will do everything we can to help you understand how child support is calculated, what variables are debatable, and protect your interests throughout the process.

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