Helping Minnesota Families Resolve Their Differences

Although no one ever expects that they will need to consult an attorney about their family matters, many people eventually encounter issues such as prenuptial agreements, postnuptial agreements, child custody and divorce. When these situations arise, it is important to have an experienced lawyer who you can trust to guide you through the situation.

At Kurzman Grant Law Office, each of our attorneys has over 45 years of experience in helping families through difficult situations. From our office in Minneapolis, we handle all types of Minnesota family law cases. Attorney Marc G. Kurzman is also licensed in Wisconsin, Florida and New York.

Protecting Your Family And Your Financial Interests

An attorney can help couples establish a firm footing for their union by preparing sound prenuptial and postnuptial agreements that protect both parties. We ensure that these discussions are approached in a comfortable, relaxed manner. These agreements can help couples protect the assets they have brought into a marriage or even provide an alternative to divorce by separating assets if one spouse is overspending, to give one example

As experienced litigators, our attorneys can protect your interests in any contentious situation. In the case of divorce or dissolution, you will need to consider a variety of issues, including custody and parenting time, child support, maintenance or alimony, as well as asset and debt division. We have helped countless families through these situations, and we can guide you through every step while protecting your interests.

Kurzman Grant Law Office also benefits from the support of attorney of Carol M. Grant, a Certified Financial Planner with advanced Certified Divorce Planner training.

Putting Children First

When facing a difficult family situation, it is essential to protect the interests of your children. Our lawyers have experience helping families through difficult situations involving paternity, juvenile delinquency, third-party custody or grandparent custody, Child in Need of Protection (CHIPS) cases and unusual issues. We know how important it is to protect a child's current well-being as well as their future.

Thank you for all your help with my daughter. It was a difficult time made easier by your professional help.

— J. P., July 2016

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After over four decades of experience helping families with their legal issues, we know that every situation is different, and each unique legal issue requires its own unique approach. Our aim is often to seek a collaborative solution, but we also know the value and necessity of taking an aggressive approach when appropriate. Call 612-254-7162 or complete our online contact form to arrange a free consultation.