Guiding You Through The Probate Process

There are many ways that you can avoid probate in Minnesota, provided you take the right precautions during the estate planning process. At Kurzman Grant Law Office in Minneapolis, we can advise you and your family on how wills, trusts, transfer on death deeds, payable-on-death designations and jointly held property can help avoid expense and possibly even the probate process.

Making Uncontested Probate Run Smoothly

Some assets are not subject to the probate process. However, the probate process, or court supervision of the gathering and distribution of assets, is generally required when assets do not have a designated beneficiary. Probate permits the transfer of ownership of these assets.

Our firm can help to make the administration of an estate as painless as possible. The probate process has its own set of rules and regulations that must be followed, and our lawyers can guide you through the entire process. Even if every beneficiary is in agreement about how the estate should be distributed, an experienced attorney will reduce the stress of the paperwork-intense probate process, and can help guide you in special matters such as the sale of a house which is left to loved ones.

I have finally closed all business related to my husband's death. I appreciate all the attention and guidance that you provided during this very difficult time.

— K. L., April 2016

Addressing The Issues Surrounding Contested Probate

Although everyone hopes that the probate process will go smoothly, not all beneficiaries always agree with the decisions made in the probate process. This means that some aspects of estate distribution may be contested.

As experienced litigators, our attorneys are familiar with the courtroom and prepared for every part of the estate litigation process. You can be confident that our lawyers will do everything in their power to ensure that your interests are at the forefront of any probate dispute, will contest or trust dispute.

Make Your Probate Process Efficient — Contact Us Today

Whether your family's estate probate is contested or uncontested, the attorneys at Kurzman Grant Law Office are here to ensure that the process is as quick and smooth as possible. Call our office at 612-254-7162 or complete our online form to arrange a free consultation with a probate attorney.